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Wake Up Iowa (

Wake Up Iowa Coffee

Wake Up Iowa Coffee

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From Wake Up Iowa

Choose from 4 roasts:

HIVE JIVE: light roast

Start your morning with our honey-smooth light roast. Multi-dimensional & closer to nature, a lightly roasted bean isn't any less flavorful than its medium and dark counterparts. Inspired by the bees that pollinate our flowers and food, Hive Jive is a coffee as perfect as the geometry holding together the honeycomb. Buzz in to a cup of Hive Jive light roast! (12 oz. bag)

STORM CAT: medium roast

So feral, so fiery, so worldly, this kitty scampers the globe to pounce on the finest & most equitable coffee beans. #STORMCAT coffee is roasted medium to get the toasty benefits of the roast while keeping the complexity of the bean. Always single origin; #STORMCAT's geography changes, but you can always count on a delicious cup with this medium roast! (12 oz. bag)

RIP VAN WINKLE: dark roast

After sleeping for 20 long years under a tree, Rip Van Winkle needed a bold cup of coffee. We all feel like Old Rip some mornings which is why he is the namesake of our dark roast. Classically dark without going overboard, these beans conjure bedposts & flannel. Gently wake from your slumber with a cup of Rip Van Winkle! (12 oz. bag)

MIND CHANGER: espresso quality

Transcend the material plane with this Mind Changing bean from Earth’s finest regions, usually Ethiopia or India. Light to medium roasted, the depth & boldness is there without losing the complexity through over-roasting. This premium coffee can be prepared the same way as any bean -- espresso machine, french press, pour over! (12 oz. bag)


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